Is the Oppo reno 6 pro Worth the Price?


One of the watches that Oppo has introduced lately is the Oppo Rebo six. It was actually meant to be a fashion statement of sorts since it is different from the other watches that Oppo has launched before. The unique thing about this watch is its case material. It is made of 18 karat gold. The watch is not cheap and it comes with its own price, but the thing that makes it more expensive is that it is quite elegant and adds an aura of class to the person wearing it.

It is said that the creation of this watch was borne out of the need for something unique. It is not that the company was trying to outdo the already existing watches but to create one that would leave a lasting impression. The company says that the inspiration for the creation of this watch actually came from the idea of a female body that is toned and shaped in the same way as the man’s. Thus, the design for the watch’s face was to mimic this toned shape. In the case of the watch, the balance between bold and clean looks was attained with the use of black and white colours that stand for vitality and masculinity. oppo reno 6 pro

As far as features go, the watch has plenty of them. It has a nice silver case that is illuminated, giving it that sapphire sparkle that many people love. The crystal on the watch serves as a sapphire shield on its own so one does not have to worry about the protection of the watch getting scratched even when someone is really rough with it. The watch works with either a manual or an automatic clasp. The inner workings of the watch are covered with Seiko quartz movements.

This watch has a neat brown leather strap with a buckle. It looks good on most wrists and is convenient to wear. The watch looks very elegant with its brown tone and the silver bezel on top. The overall appearance and the appearance of the Oppo Roingo 6 RRO is one that speaks on its own.

One of the best things about this watch is that it comes in two variants. A formal model that has a simple alligator band and stainless steel case is priced at a whopping JPY 2 million (icative price). The more expensive variant is of a gold plated, stainless steel, alligator case and measures a further JPY 3 million. This watch can be found in most jewelry shops that specialize in men’s watches and can also be purchased online through the internet stores.

At the time of this writing, the market is buzzing with interest for the Oppo Roingo 6 RRO. The reviews that are being written are filled with positive comparisons to other luxury brand watches. Some people express doubts as to whether the cost is justified, but the general consensus amongst the people is that this watch is worth the investment. It is definitely one of the must haves of any man that is looking to buy a great looking watch. It seems like every time I look at one of these watches, I am drawn to them.

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